Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

seaweed covered beach

Most of us would look at a seaweed-covered beach and think, “how ugly”. But although it might look like nothing more than dead seaweed washed ashore, this natural occurrence is an important food source and habitat for the coastal wildlife.

adjustable bikini in mermaid

According to a recent article in Hakai Magazine, beach cleaning removes the seaweed, but it also destroys habitat, creating a sterile environment that further disconnects society from nature.

adjustable bikini designed for tanning

In Cyprus, beach grooming is put on hold during the offseason, so a seaweed cover is a common sight. On a day out shooting, we looked at all the dry seaweed around us and that’s when it hit us – there’s beauty in it, too. Sundried seaweed is soft and is actually pleasant to walk on with your bare feet. We felt closer to nature with every photo we took, and this little shoot is one of our favorites to date.

sitting in a pile of dry seaweed in a bikini

Location: Paphos, Cyprus
Swimsuit: Bae in mermaid
Talent: Kori Nikkonen
Photographed by: Anna Rafeeva

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