Salt Water

As a well-known quote by Karen Blixen (aka Isak Dinesen) goes, "the cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea." Would you say this holds true for you too? 

We find that even just walking on the beach helps to both clear one's thoughts and sweat it out a little. Even walking at a slower pace while your feet sink in sand or pebbles requires enough effort to count as exercise. You soak up natural vitamin D and breathe in delicious salty air as you walk, too. Of course, there's also the added benefit of enjoying the sights. So, salt water it is for us, in the form of the sea and a little sweat ;)

cutout high-waisted bikini with tie sides

long walks on the beach in a bikini

butcher knife necklace and a bikini

empty beach early in the morning

sneakers and bikinis

black jewellery and grey bikini

gray bikini, white shirt

Location: Paphos, Cyprus
Bikini: Petra in stingray 
Talent: Kori Nikkonen
Photographed by: Anna Rafeeva

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