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The high season in the Mediterranean runs from May until September, but if there's one month that is the busiest it's definitely August. The temperatures are at their highest easily reaching 40s°C/100s°F and the sea is at its warmest, too. The weather attracts plenty of tourists here seeking both the sunshine and the refreshment of the sea (and a hideaway from the big city heat) and the island of Cyprus is no exception. We shot a little Cypriot holiday story at a typical Cypriot vacation house - a sight familiar to anyone who ever vacationed seaside in Paphos or beyond.

coffee outside on a summer day

floral dress and flower bushes

cutout high-waisted bikini, coffee and flowers

sunbathing in mismatched swimwear

mismatched swimwear by the pool in cyprus

cut out high-waisted swimsuit

high-waisted bikini in pink and grey

light and shadow play

a cut out high-waisted swimsuit unties to become a small bikini

enjoying the sun 

Location: Paphos, Cyprus
Bikinis: Petra in stingray and frosé
Talent: Kori Nikkonen
Photographed by: Anna Rafeeva

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