Why White Works


white rocks beach

Taking cues from paparazzi-lensed imagery, we wanted to give this (admittedly, staged) shoot a bit of a street (we mean, beach!) peeping vibe. Of course, Kori knew she was being photographed (and so did the gentleman who appears at the very end of this post ;), but we do hope we were able to capture that feeling of being watched and sneaked up on (in a good way!)

use sunscreen for your lips too!

ready for a dip in the mediterranean sea

To support the natural minimal look of this scenic white rocks beach we opted for a minimalist palette of whites, blacks, and grays and we are so happy with the way the shoot came out!

high-waisted cut out bikini in dark grey colour

minimalist footwear

minimalist jewelry at the beach and by the sea

cut out swimwear

is somebody watching me?

beach look in the shades of white, black and grey

taking a dip in the mediterranean sea

spearfishing, swimwear and fashion editorials

Location: Limassol, Cyprus
Bikini: Petra in stingray
Jewelry: layered necklaces by Motif Jewellery by Metaxa
Talent: Kori Nikkonen
Styling/art direction: Julia Osovskaya
Photographed by: Anna Rafeeva

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