With swimwear, your choice of size is often defined by your personal fit preference:  whether you like your swimsuit to be tighter or looser, smaller or cover a bit more. We provide the charts below as a reference to what we consider to be the most comfortable fit for our styles.

We use the metric system and EU bra sizing standards. If you're not sure what EU bra size you are, we recommend using this guide to find out.

Terra bra cup (EU) under bust (cm) hips (cm)
S A-D 68-73 83-90
A-D 74-79 91-98
L A-D 80-85 99-103
tops (Med, Petra) bra cup (EU)

* Please note, if you are a cup C, for example, most of the time you can still fit into our size S tops if you'd like a bigger cleavage. However in this case, if you prefer to be active when on the beach/by the pool, occasional nipple slips are bound to happen.  

tops (Bae) bra cup (EU) under bust (cm)
S B-D 68-73
M B-D 74-79

* The Bae top fits and looks great on a big range of cup sizes, however, it is not suitable for large busts as it doesn't offer the needed support. Please note, for ultimate comfort this style also requires at least a B-cup to fill it as it needs something to hold on to to stay comfortably in place, and we currently don't offer padding/cups in our range.

all our bottoms hips (cm)
XS 75-82
S 83-90
M 91-98
L 99-103

 *Please note, if your hips measure at 92 cm, for example, you can still fit into our size S bottoms, and if you prefer a tighter fit we recommend considering to size down. Alternatively, if you like a looser fit you might want to consider sizing up if you measure close to a bigger size.


If you have any further questions, are in between sizes or would like to get personal styling tips, please email us at